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Compacteur Vertical



Compacteur Vertical Machine CompactageThis model is a fixed compactor for smaller quantity of dry or humid goods.


Fiberglass container

10 years warranty




Modèles neufs

  • Fiberglass compaction container exclusive to ECI.
  • Never rusts – never needs painting.
  • 50% lighter than metal.
  • Strong sidewalls twice as thick as metal.
  • Smooth and round surfaces – frozen garbage does not stick in winter.

Modèles neufs

High Compaction Capacity

  • The unique construction design makes it the only model that can be loaded from all sides.

    • It can replace the need of an additional compactor
    • You save on space, manpower time and cost

  • It offers a greater compaction capacity with a 22,000 pounds thrust, largely superior to competition.

    • The power of the ECI vertical compactor easily permits 10% more compressed material, which reduces the frequency of pick-ups by 10% on a yearly basis. This represents substantial savings year after years for our customers.


Innovative Design

  • Due to the precise connecting design between the drop, the compactor and the seal rubber band, no product can fall outside of the container nor intrude in the hydraulic cylinder compartment :

    • The entire mechanism remains clean
    • It saves the cleaning time
    • It is more durable
    • It keeps a clean environment.


Security Feature

  • The ECI security mechanism allows the beginning of operations ONLY when the doors are safely closed. This system eliminates risks of personal and equipment accidents.


  Made to measure design and manufacturing.


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Modèles neufs

  • The ECI compactor is one of the few on the market to guarantee complete full loads without risks of a breakdown
  • Our advanced technology with mechanical bypassing valves eliminates totally all running switches and wires from the compaction mechanism that break so often on competing models
  • Our system is not based on a fixed time trajectory but rather on a maximum cylinder run, insuring a full capacity load.
  • The power of ECI compactor easily compresses up to 10% more additional load, thus reducing by 10% the frequency of shipments. This represents substantial saving years after years for our customers all the while reducing environmental impact.
  • The ECI compactor can save you during its lifetime the equivalent of the total purchase price of the compaction equipment.
  • ECI uses strictly high quality North American steel.



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