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Compacteur stationnaire



Compacteur Stationnaire Machine CompactageFixed compactor for standard container (dry goods).





Modèles neufs

Compactor Robustness

  • The structure of our stationary compactor is reinforced at strategic locations which greatly enhances its resistance and longevity.

  • The loading opening can vary from ¼ to 15 cubic yards which can satisfy a great variety of different needs.

  • The ECI stationary compactor is compatible with the openings and standard loading systems for almost all containers.

  • The robust weatherproof hydraulic system which is installed on one side of the compactor is an integrated part of the compactor and offers the following advantages to clients :

    • spares precious space (pallet size) either inside or outside of the building.
    • eliminates an important source of noise inside the building.
    • unpleasant odors (originating from garbage accumulation).
    • oil leaks due to mechanical breakage
    • lets you enjoy a cleaner local.



Designed and Made to Measure

  • Our hydraulic system is manufactured with three choices of cylinders :

    • Single
    • Double (offering more power)
    • Crossed (almost as powerful as double but using less space).


Security Features

  • The integrated hydraulic system to the compactor eliminates the long connecting and less secure hoses

  • ECI has developed an exclusive ram form that distributes the power more efficiently toward the specially reinforced deep end of the compactor. It is also equipped with a unique scraper that prevents garbage to get behind the ram.

  • Made to measure design and manufacturing.

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Modèles neufs

  • The ECI compactor is one the few on the market to guarantee complete full loads without risks of a breakdown

  • Our advanced technology with mechanical bypassing valves eliminates totally all running switches and wires from the compaction mechanism that break so often on competing models
  • Our system is not based on a fixed time trajectory but rather on a maximum cylinder run, insuring a full capacity load.
  • The power of ECI compactor easily compresses up to 10% more additional load, thus reducing by 10% the frequency of shipments. This represents substantial saving years after years for our customers all the while reducing environmental impact.
  • The ECI  compactor can save you during it’s life time the equivalent of the total purchase price of the compaction equipment.
  • ECI uses strictly high quality North American steel.



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