Vente, location, réparation et entretien neufs ou usagé de compacteurs

Service de compactage



Modèles neufs

Expert Compactor is the only manufacturing company to offer its clients in the Greater Montreal Area:

  • Four mobile units (workshops) equipped with a full spare parts inventory
  • Full maintenance and repairs services on a 24/7 basis.
  • Professionally trained technicians in hydraulic, electricity and welding


Modèles neufs

ECI  Repairs  Service

  • Three of our units are reserved strictly for our repairs service department – 24/7

  • Each unit (workshop) has all the equipment necessary to make rapid and on the spot repairs

  • Each mobile workshop has all the tools and machinery to begin repairs  immediately upon  arrival:

    • Mechanic  work bench
    • Metal  saw
    • Welding  machine & torches
    • Hydraulic  hoses  machinery and inventory
    • Hydraulic  adaptors and fittings, valves and components (pressure  gage…)
    • Hydraulic  oil
    • Abrasives
    • Full electrical and hardware inventory
    • And more….


ECI  Installation Service

ECI  also owns a full installation truck, truly a workshop, equipped with :

  • Hiab crane
  • Welding machine
  • Specialty tools and machinery
  • Full inventory of electric and hardware parts
  • Roll-off trailer
  • Specially adapted compactor trailer


ECI multiple technical services

ECI  also owns a full installation truck, truly a workshop, equipped with :

  • After sale  services
  • Equipment  repair services
  • Preventive  maintenance services
  • Equipment  reconditioning services
  • Equipment  relocating services
  • Installation  services
  • Metallurgical  services
  • Hydraulic hoses assembly services
  • New and used equipment services