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EXP-PV-Double baler from ECI.

For cardboard, paper, plastic, metal...& wrappers.

Environment friendly

Innovative balers that generate revenues !




Presse à carton et plastique

An innovative baler with a double compaction chamber

The ideal solution to compact voluminous and bulky plastic wrapping
efficiently and rapidly.

The EXP-PV-Double baler is made up of a large compaction chamber
for cardboard, metal… and a smaller one for plastic wrapping.

This dual function equipment saves time and space.

It performs double the work but does not cost twice as much.

It compacts rapidly large quantities of wrapping material into
22’’ x 24’’ x 37’’ bales.

The small chamber can also compact metal, cloth, paper…

The innovative EXP-PV-DOUBLE-Double baler is equipped with a safety
light grids *.

The new system also eliminates the possibility of door damaging, service calls
and costly repairs.

Our baler reduces by 40 times the transport and storage space normally

* The EXP-PV-DOUBLE-Double is also available with a metal door.


ECI balers advantages

The high capacity ECI balers are amongst the only balers that come
with an instant automatic ejection system which is much superior to the
chain system :

  • needless to hook chains from the back in order to begin ejecting operation.
  • therefore, less futile handling and loss of time.
  • pre-programmed intelligent relays control the operation of the baler.
  • ultra safe security ejection system. You cannot start the operation until unloading door is completely open.
  • the large capacity opening is accessible at the end of each cycle with the automatic opening door, saving you time and money.


Safe and economical

ECI is one of the few manufacturers to use a unique electric switch simultaneously controlling the entire security of the baler and its operation, delivering the following advantages :

  • greater safety.
  • less costly repairs.
  • a single control switch while others use as many as four.
  • less expensive service calls and downtime for clients.
  • heavy duty design reducing risks of breakage.
  • ECI baler saves time, human energy, costs and is quite profitable.


Custom made design and manufacturing

A free presentation could save you thousands of dollars.

Ejection system Ejection system Ejection system
Chainless automatic
ejection system
Safe ejection
Robust integrated
hydraulic system

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EXP-PV-6030 LO

  • Single hydraulic system : 10 GMP.

  • Automatic bale ejector system activated with the opening of the door.

  • Safety light grids.

  • Floor, U shaped steel : 1/4” (6 mm).

  • Walls, U shaped steel : 3/16” (4 mm).

  • Ram face, U shaped steel : 1/4” (6 mm).

  • Triangular shaped nylatron guides.

  • Normal pressure 1800 psi.

  • Maximum pressure 2300 psi.

  • Double action directional valve, 120 v.

  • Aluminium distribution block with integrated release cartridge.

  • Aluminium cast mounting to support the pump.

  • Hydraulic fluid temperature and level indicator.

  • Cap with air filter.

  • Access door to the reservoir.

  • Succion strainer : 10 microns.

  • Hydraulic filter : 10 microns.

  • Pressure gage mounted on the side of the control panel.



  • Loading opening : 60” x 27” (1524 mm x 686 mm).

  • Bale weight (cardboard) : +/- 1000 à 1200 lbs (455 kg à 545 kg).

  • Bale dimensions : 60” wide x 30” deep x 48” high
    (1524 mm x 762 mm x 1219 mm).
    6” (152 mm) hydraulic cylinder with EXPAC technology.

  • Normal compation : 51 000 lbs.

  • Maximum compaction : 70 000 lbs.

  • Duration of a cycle : 68 seconds.



  • Loading opening : 22” x 27” (559 mm x 686 mm).

  • Bale weight (cardboard) : +/- 150 à 350 lbs (70 kg à 160 kg).

  • Bale dimensions : 22” wide x 24” deep x 44” high
    (559 mm x 610 mm x 1118 mm).
    4” (102 mm) hydraulic cylinder with EXPAC technology.

  • Normal compation : 20 000 lbs.

  • Maximum compaction : 31 400 lbs.

  • Duration of a cycle : 30 seconds.


Système électrique
Système électrique


  • Automated control.

  • Emergency button, key selector to start the cycle or to active the ejection system, full light warning and two controls for the ejector.

  • Pressure switch for the full light warning.

  • Motor 10 HP, 60 hz, 3 phases, 11 amp.

  • Transformer : 600 v. to 120 v.

  • Motor-contactor with overload relay.

  • CM4 panel, resistant to water, oil and dust.


Electrical system approved by CSA.