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Expert Compactor inc. (ECI) compactors are designed to offer maximum proof leaking. They are specially appreciated by food stores, commercial and industrial clients.




Modèles neufs

Robust and Lighter

  • The  hexagonal shape of our self contained compactor is sturdier and more resistant than rectangular shape structures.

  • Lighter by 1000 to 2287 pounds, this type of forefront design allows the following :

    • To transport a supplemental load of 1000 to 2287 pounds each trip without exceeding the legal load limit.
    • To reduce the frequency of transports
    • To save money, fuel, manpower time, salaries
    • To create less pollution and minimize environmental impact
    • Our ECI self contained compactor can save you more than the total price of a competing product.

  • Our self contained compactor strategically reinforced hexagonal shape makes it : more lasting



Innovative Design

  • The bell-shaped design allows an easier and more total unloading

  • The bell-shaped design has no corners that retain frozen garbage that travel back and forth specially in the cold months of winter and cost you money.

  • The dumping hatch is larger and easier to access for the users.

  • The angle of the floor in the compactor loading area (mouth) eliminates the disagreeable liquid accumulation, sending it to the container.

  • ECI manufactures self contained compactors with loading capacities varying from 10 to 37 cubic yards.

Équipement compactage intégré


The compaction crossed mechanism  :

  • releases superior power than competition

  • penetrates deeper inside the container and increases    substantially the quantity of material transported each trip.


Robust Hydraulic System

  • ECI is the only manufacturer to have incorporated a robust hydraulic system complete with shock and weather proofing directly on the compactor structure. This system is located externally and allows clients to :

    • spare precious space (the size of a pallet)
    • eliminate important noise inside the building
    • eliminate unpleasant odors coming from garbage accumulation
    • eliminates oil leaks coming from seals
    • enjoy cleaner spaces and greater salubrity.
  • The integrated hydraulic system eliminates long cumbersomeconnecting hoses that are not very safe.
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Prevents Ground Damage

  • The strategic location of the oversized rollers on which the compactor unit lays prevents damages on the ground at lifting time which can be very costly for the client.

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Click to see 3D animation



Made to measure design and manufacturing.


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Modèles neufs

  • The ECI compactor is one the few on the market to guarantee complete full loads without risks of a breakdown

  • Our advanced technology with mechanical bypassing valves eliminates totally all running switches and wires from the compaction mechanism that break so often on competing models

  • Our system is not based on a fixed time trajectory but rather on a maximum cylinder run, insuring a full capacity load.

  • The power of ECI compactor easily compresses up to 10% more additional load, thus reducing by 10% the frequency of shipments. This represents substantial saving years after years for our customers all the while reducing environmental impact.

  • The ECI compactor can save you during it’s life time the equivalent of the total purchase price of the compaction equipment.

  • ECI uses strictly high quality North American steel.



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