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Compacteur Amovible



Compacteur Amovible Machine Compactage 






Modèles neufs

Robust and Lighter

  • Lighter by half a ton than competition
  • The ECI roll-off container with a round structure is as robust, strong and resistant as rectangular roll-offs. The design allows clients to make substantial savings :

    • It can transport 1000 pounds more of material than similar rectangular roll-offs.

    • An ECI roll-off can save you over the years more than a 100% of its purchase price.


Saves Time and Money

  • An ECI roll-off can save you much more :

    • The rounded off configuration eliminates the accumulation of water, ice, corner humidity, asperities, the unpainted hollow interior of reinforcements, and it all translates into :

      • Less rust

      • Longer life durability

      • Natural snow removal instead of the usual structure climbing by employees to remove ice and snow

      • Easier compliance with transportation laws, thus eliminating the risk of expensive infractions.

      • More security

      • Substantial savings of time and manpower

    • The bell shape design of the ECI roll-off allows for easier and faster unloading than rectangular roll-offs which take more time, resulting in money time and manpower savings.

Made to measure designs and manufacturing



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Modèles neufs

  • The ECI compactor is one the few on the market to guarantee complete full loads without risks of a breakdown
  • Our advanced technology with mechanical bypassing valves eliminates totally all running switches and wires from the compaction mechanism that break so often on competing models
  • Our system is not based on a fixed time trajectory but rather on a maximum cylinder run, insuring a full capacity load.
  • The power of ECI compactor easily compresses up to 10% more additional load, thus reducing by 10% the frequency of shipments. This represents substantial savings, years after years, for our customers all the while reducing environmental impact.
  • The ECI compactor can save you during it’s lifetime the equivalent of the total purchase price of the compaction equipment.
  • ECI uses strictly high quality North American steel.