Vente, location, réparation et entretien neufs ou usagé de compacteurs

Accessoires Compacteurs



ECI has a full line of complementary innovative products designed and made to measure. It improves the value, performance and productivity of various ECI equipments:


  Unloading rails Hopper
  Guides Garbage falls
  Cart dumpers/tippers Retractable fall ( Food industry)
  Guillotine closing Liquid-tightness strip
  The hutch Environmental enclosures



Modèles neufs

  • Asphalt protecting guide rails for self contained compactor

  • ECI uses safety L shaped rails instead of the commonly used U shape

  • L shape rails prevent water, garbage, snow and ice accumulation. They eliminate the risk of derailment of self contained compactors which can cause expensive damages to the equipment, the building and the surrounding ground

  • Our rails are very robust and are 3/8’’ thick, 3’’high, 16’’wide and run anywhere from 20 to 24 feet long. They resist very well to distortion
  • ECI rails easily average a 20 year life time.




Modèles neufs

  • Guides for stationary compactors are installed on a reinforced cement slab.

  • ECI is the only one to have L shaped guides

  • They offer the following advantages :

    • Heavy duty steel ½’’ thick, 4’’ wide, 6’’ long
    • They eliminate the need to construct a central hub.
    • Heavy duty steel stopper welded to the Guides are much more    robust and more secure.

Modèles neufs

  • ECI heavy duty overturning arms are more precise and are the result of using 3D technology instead of the 2D technology (without simulation) used by the competition.

  • The 3D technology used by ECI :

    • Allows the precise calculation of the adequate strength needed to lift.
    • Insures the right degree angle to facilitate total dumping and easy operation.
    • Is very secure
    • Is easy to operate
    • Gives maximum efficiency and ease of use
    • Allows for the possibility to create any made to measure model to fulfill customers’ needs.

Modèles neufs

  • The ECI guillotine closing system used to close the opening of the container.

    • Is designed to prevent the falling outside of garbage and gives a clean environment
    • Guarantees the transporter that no garbage will fall out so he satisfies all new transport requirements, thus eliminating the risk of severe fines.


Modèles neufs

  • The hutch leading to the self contained or stationary compactor has several features.

  • ECI is the only manufacturer to offer an oval translucent dome shape which :

    • Gives constant transparency
    • Offers greater security to operate
    • Stays clean
    • No electric installation required, nor lightning
    • Is energy saver
    • Allows snow to fall off easily
    • Does not rust, therefore no rust leaks on the compactor


Modèles neufs

  • Stationary or self contained compactors can be equipped with a fixed protective hopper.

  • Each hopper is equipped with a lock-hinged gate offering greater security as the compactor cannot be set in motion until the gate is closed.


Modèles neufs

  • Garbage falls for stationary or self contained compactors.

  • They are set on adjustable legs to fit a precise joint between the drop and the compactor, preventing any garbage fall out.

Modèles neufs

  • ECI is the only manufacturer to have designed a retractable drop set in motion by a powerful 5400 pounds thrust sprag mechanism that retracts easily and safely without risking a sudden back stroke usually occurring with manually operated simple lever.

  • This mechanism prevents :

    • Serious bodily accidents
    • Loss of time
    • Expensive material damages to the transport carrier and to the attached building.


Modèles neufs

  • A liquid-tight rubber strip between the hutch, the drop, the hopper and the edges of all compactors eliminates liquid overflow runs and provide maximum cleanliness.



Modèles neufs

  • ECI offers the following features :

    • Conformity to municipal by-laws
    • Robust
    • Aesthetic
    • Improves environment
    • Durable
    • Can be locked or bolted
    • Protective metal base
    • Latch to maintain the doors open
    • Guide rails for the container.